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Beautiful Bright Smile Professional Teeth Whitening Blue LED

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   Beautiful Bright Smile   

​Beautiful Bright Smile is a high-performance teeth-whitening service designed specifically for you!

It is a quick 40 - 60 minute teeth whitening service with results ranging from 2 - 10+ shades whiter in just ONE session.

The best part is that it causes ZERO TO LITTLE SENSITIVITY!


You may wonder how? In comparison to UV lights used in other teeth whitening systems, Beautiful Bright Smile uses a cool Blue LED Light that causes no heat damage.

Beautiful Bright Smile Professional Teeth Whitening Blue LED Before and After

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Beautiful Bright Smile Professional Teeth Whitening Pure Organic No Chemicals

Beautiful Bright Smile also offers a  PEROXIDE-FREE treatment   perfect for those:


  • Pregnant (please check with Dr. first)

  • Nursing

  • Suffer from extreme sensitivity

  • Severe recession

  • Compromised oral tissues

  • 12-16 years old

  • Previous negative experience with a different teeth whitening solution.

Beautiful Bright Smile is a  North American-made, Health Canada, and FDA-approved product.

Bright Smile gel pens are also VEGAN, KOSHER, and made with ORGANIC essential oils!




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